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Are Bike MS rides races?
No! The rides are fun days for cyclists to enjoy with friends and family for a great cause while taking in the beauty of the Connecticut countryside and shoreline.

Am I required to wear a helmet during the ride?
Yes. All riders must wear a helmet while cycling.

Do I have to bring my pledge money to the event?
We prefer that all riders turn in their minimum fundraising donation on or before event day. We do, however, give all riders until July 14th for bike MS: bkm/Steelcase Ride and until Sept. 30th for bike MS: Cardio Express Ride to continue fundraising.

Is there an age minimum for Bike MS?
You must be 12 or older on or before event date to ride in bike MS: Cardio Express Ride. Children under 12 can participate in our 2- mile or kiddie routes at bike MS: bkm/Steelcase Ride.

Does the Bike MS Ride take place if it rains?
Yes! Bike MS Rides will take place rain or shine.

What time do I have to be there?
Each route begins at a different time. Please refer to our event details page; generally we ask cyclists to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their ride.

Will bike mechanics be available during the ride?
Sponsoring bike shops will provide mechanical assistance on the routes as well as at the start/finish locations. Bike mechanics are not able to provide full services during the ride, so be sure to get a tune up and have your bike ready before the event.

Will there be rest stops with food, water and restrooms?
Yes! Rest stops will be stocked with snacks and drinks, and bathroom facilities will be available.

What meals are provided?
Cyclists and volunteers will be provided with a Finish Line barbeque at the start/finish location of the ride.

What if I cannot finish the ride?
If for any reason you are unable to continue during the ride, a SAG (Safety And Gear) vehicle will bring you and your bicycle to the nearest rest stop or finish line.

I have friends and /or family who would like to participate but don’t cycle. Can they volunteer at the ride?
Yes, we are always in need of help! Please visit our Volunteer Page for more information. They may also participate as a “Virtual Rider.” This type of “rider” can still register, raise funds, and enjoy all of the Finish Line activities!

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